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APE is a high-level rapid development tool for auditory experiments in MATLAB. Capable and extensible, APE provides easy, flexible control of audio hardware (Tucker-Davis, Dante), adaptive procedures, and more.

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A-SPACE is a client/server application that allows MATLAB to control VR experiences for multisensory research studies.

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Consulting Services

Auditory Space, LLC provides research consulting to academic, clinical, and industry scientists. Consulting services include custom software (leveraging tools like APE and A-SPACE), systems integration, and research design.

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A-SPACE 0.70 (Public Beta) Now Available!

Control VR directly from MATLAB

A-SPACE provides a versatile VR arena with elements controlled in real time via TCP/IP messaging. Compatible with MATLAB, Max/MSP, Python, and many more.

Customize the VR experience

Alter visual targets, background elements, and user interfaces in real time. Move, scale, color. Apply textures, images, and audio from files or directly from the web.

Integrate with APE

APE provides object-oriented MATLAB tools for audio delivery (local, TDT, Dante), stimulus generation, psychophysical tracking, user interface, and experiment control.

A virtual psychophysics lab

Collect response data directly via head/hand tracking or by spawning customizable virtual response boxes. Ensure head position between trials with home display and timer.

Time-stamped position tracking

Among many other features, A-SPACE provides time-stamped data on all events, including position and state information for head and hand controllers.

Let us help you

Flexible tools like APE and A-SPACE really start to shine when we leverage and enhance their capabilities to support our consulting relationships.


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